Choosing the right furnace filters

The furnaces are used for cooling down the temperatures during summer, and increasing the temperatures when it is winter. When the filters of the furnaces are not changed for a really long time, the dust and other particles that are sucked inside the furnace can lead to a lot of problems. It may also cause the furnace to stop working. This is why; the furnace air filters should be replaced. To replace the furnace filters, one should have knowledge about a lot of important things so that he does not have to spend a huge amount of money. Also, he should be sure that he is not compromising on the quality of air. Earlier, the furnace filters were used to provide protection to the parts of the furnaces that moved, but as technology advanced, the filters are also known to block the circulation of particles inside the air that one is breathing.

furnace filters


Options that you can choose from

There are a variety of options that one can select from, which include the following.


  • The Disposable fiberglass: This type of the furnace filter helps in blocking large particles of dust, debris or lint from gunning the furnace. It is not very costly and is the best for people who have allergies or asthma.


  • The Disposable pleated: This is one of the most popular options for filters which are generally made up of cotton or polyester. They are capable of removing the spores, mites, and dust. The one disadvantage is that these have to be changed very frequently in order to avoid the clogging.


  • The Disposable Electrostatic: This type of the filters is a popular option too, but they contain electrostatic cotton fibers or paper fibers that are capable of trapping all the small particles.


It is important to choose the right furnace filters, or you may either have to pay an excess amount of money or your furnace may stop working.