Different varieties of Organic Tea and the Advantages associated

Tea is considered to be one of the most consumed beverages in the entire world. For numerous people, tea is a necessity; it is an addiction. According to the various researchers carried out, it has been proved that if a person drinks three cups or more tea, then it helps in keeping the body hydrated and functions in the same away like water. There are also many extra health benefits that are associated. Tea is being grown in a sustainable manner because the fertilizers and the pesticides have harmful effects. There are various kinds of organic tea that are grown. Z natural foods have different kinds of organic tea.


Types of Organic Tea


  • White tea is a rare variety of tea that is available. This is made from the leaves that are very young and the buds that have not opened. White tea is very expensive because the yield is very low.


  • Green tea has gained a lot of popularity because of the health benefits that are associated. This tea is comparatively mild, and it is made from the leaf bud and the two leaves on the top. This process does not allow the compounds that are beneficial to the body to be destroyed.


  • Black tea is a very popular tea variety which is preferred by a huge section of people. The leaves are fermented in order to give the copper color. This kind of tea is oxidized and has a very strong flavor.


Benefits of Tea


There are a number of health benefits that are associated with tea.


  • White tea helps in building the immune system. This allows the body to fight the bacterial and the viral infections. White tea also helps in preventing the tooth decay.


  • Green tea helps in effectively managing the weight of the body and helps to tolerate stress.


  • Black tea helps in increasing the flow of blood to the heart, thereby decreasing the chances of stroke.


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