Domino qq: Hours of amusement in the comfort of home

 Domino qq is fast becoming a very popular game among teenagers and adults alike. A part of its success can be attributed to its unique design and method of playing. From a variety of card games like Blackjack, Texas Hold Em’, Hearts etc.Domino qq also known as domino 99 is a unique card game. The game consists of twenty-eight dominoes that shall be dealt to the players playing it such that each player receives exactly four cards. The number of players playing cannot exceed six.

The cards dealt to each player aren’t like the normal playing cards. The value of the card is determined by the number of circles that the card has. Each card consists of a lower and an upper end separated by a fine line.

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The number of spheres on either side of the card can vary from zero to six. The value of a card is determined by the combined spheres contained on both sides of the cards. For example if one card has eight spheres and the other has two spheres then the combined number of spheres are ten.

However for calculating the value of the card if the number becomes a two-digit number or exceeds nine, as stated in the example above, the first digit shall be omitted. Thus for a card containing a total of ten spheres the value is zero.

There are different ways of determining the winner of the game. Few of them would be the highest value of the card, the highest count of sphere, a twin card etc. to name a few.

Who are poker agents of domino qq?

Well since the game is addicting a lot of us might end us engaging in the game for a substantial amount of time. Since time is money the fact that there are websites who actually provide real money for the amount earned in the game is fascinating. Websites like bandar sakong are called the poker agents. All one has to do is to create an account, enter the bank details and the amount earned in the game is transmitted to the bank’s account.