Find out Who’s Stalking You on Instagram

When it comes to the list of famous social networking sites, Instagram definitely holds one of the top positions. You can share your colorful pictures with your friends and families by uploading them to Instagram. But, has this question “whostalks my Instagram” ever haunted you? If it has, then there are many authenticated third party applications like, which can help you to know the the list of people that have viewed your account. At the same, you need to be careful before installing an application because of all the hoax applications coming in the market.


Who Stalks My Instagram


Reasons You Need To Be Careful

Most of the social media sites don’t share information about who viewed your profile and Instagram is one of them. So, it’s obvious for people to get curious. “Who viewed my Instagram” is exactly what the hackers take advantage of. Malicious applications pretend to show the list of people who viewed your profile, only to trick you to give away your credentials while logging in. Later, these credentials are used by hackers to secretly gain full control over your account and post spam on your behalf. These applications are capable enough to fool even the Google and the Apple Store. Therefore, be careful the next time you download such an application.

How To Protect Yourself?

If you have already fallen trap to such an application, follow these simple steps to get rid of the malware:

  • Firstly, uninstall the app immediately
  • Next, change your password
  • And then, enable two-factor authentication

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