How does the EB-5 Visa program benefit

The EB-5 Visa program is beneficial for everyone, all around. The US Economy benefits as there is a growth spurt as a result of more jobs being created for Americans . There is more money being generated for the American economy as well.

The American citizens benefit due to a decrease in the unemployment rates. This is specifically true when the investments are made in Targetted Employment Areas which have unemployment rates which are 150 percent of the national average and in areas where the population is 20,000 at least.

EB-5 VISA Program

The investor benefits as it helps them, their spouse as well as children below the age of 21 who are unmarried to get a green card and in 5 years become naturalized citizens of the US. They do not need an employer sponsor, they can travel in and out of the US without restrictions on the visa, they can live and work anywhere in the US and they have all the benefits and rights which US citizens have.

In order to be eligible for an EB-5 Visa program the investor needs to prove sources of funds and the minimum investment in non TEA should be $1 million and for TEA areas should be $50,000. This should be equity based investments in terms of High Yield Real Estate Investmentsor even High Yield Texas Real Estate Investmentsor some opt for High Yield Private equity fund. They also should have the option of investing in business franchise and should show control over their funds and their business. They need to show experience in operation of the business and need to create full time jobs for at least 10 Americans.


The foreigners get High Returns for Accredited investorswhich helps them in wealth creation which they can plough back part of it for building their business.