Natural food versus Organic Food

Lately, both the terms, organic food and natural food have been open to much debate and discussion in the food industry. It’s a good idea to understand the difference entailed in the process and products of both the categories before making a desired choice of buying food items.


What is Organic Food: Organic food refers to food products that are regulated heavily. They are producedusing fewer artificial means to restore the beneficial means. Most organic foods ensure no use of synthetic and toxic pesticides, chemical NKP fertilizers. They also guarantee zero usage of antibiotics or growth hormones being given to animals in production of diary or poultry products. The organic food producers and processes undergo rigorous certification inspections by third party food inspectors to ensure and retain quality consumed by you and your family members.

What is Natural Food: Natural food products areusually considered to be minimally processed andsynthesized. They do not contain hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavouring agents. There are no strict standards for natural food items in many parts of the world. As a result, there are chances that food manufacturers use ‘natural’ label on foods containing heavily processed ingredients.



There are several certification agencies in most developed countries that certify the product to be labelled as organic or natural, based on their cultivation or manufacturing processes. Organic labelsare scanned for and have legitimate implications, i.e. a manufacturer is subject to following specific code of practice before they use the organic label. Natural labels are usually labelled by manufacturers owing to strict guidelines available in the industry.


Organic food has a greater demand than its natural counterpart. A variety of organic food is easily available on departmental store shelves, across the world today. The recent market studies show a gradual rise in the demand of organic food, projecting an inclined trend in buying every year. The demand of natural food (znaturalfoods) is also increasing, but organic food products have a special place in the market.