Semi-Professional HD Camcorders VS Smartphone Cameras

In this age of high-end cellular devices which are backed by expensive hardware and cutting edge technology, very few people today invest in cameras or camcorders. Smartphones makers are embedding dual and even ultra-pixel cameras on their devices, and we come across devices which claim to give you razor sharp images and video with superb natural light and color reproduction. However, there is something that true photography enthusiast will definitely agree with, i.e. even the most expensive mobile video camera is nothing when compared to professional or semi-profession video cameras.

Technical Specifications of Camcorders

When understanding the technicality of a camcorder one must consider the fact that the quality is much better in hd video camera when compared to smartphone cameras. The most common issue we see in mobile photography is a tear when maximized. The video or stills produced from camcorders are more vivid and do not show any tearing or pixelation when viewed on big screens.

hd video camera

Camcorder Lenses and Storage Compared

The lenses used in camcorders have huge noise free zoom-in facilities which cannot be matched by smartphone cameras. With an HD video camera, it is possible to get a 30x to 60x zoom on any object. These lenses are designed to give you the best video in optimum light. Smartphone lenses are much smaller in size with inferior capabilities. Studio quality images or video take more space due to much higher detailing in the images or video, the storage in camcorders is through internal hard drives and not flash drives like in smartphones. This gives it more recording time and superb quality retention.

Today smartphones are hugely popular, and people tend to find their use in photography and video recording more handy and useful than camcorders. Yet, there are good reasons why national geography photography is not done with mobile cameras.