Staying in a hotel or relax on the beach?

After a long day working over the project with an approaching deadline, the only thing you desire for your tired feet and throbbing head is a tall drink of iced tea and the softest pillow along with a memory foam mattress. But when you have to make do with a second hand stained mattress you bought from the garage sale in your neighborhood and the throw cushion you use as a pillow, don’t you find yourself ruing the fact that you never used your vacation days in the right way.

Was the 2 days 3 nights offer at a newly renovated hotel the perfect way to refresh you last year? Or was the smell of the latest coat of paint on the hotel room walls too strong for your already massive headache? These are the questions you ask when your subconscious mind wants to relax on the beach.

relax on the beach

What do when confused about your holiday needs?

Even though hotels nowadays provide various lucrative offers to increase their customer base nothing beats the smell of salt in the air when one opens the door to a spacious but cozy beach house and a chance to relaxonthebeach. Here are a few reasons to help you take the next step when confused about booking a beach house over a hotel room:

  1. A chance to be closer to Nature: A beach house gives one the chance to be in the arms of nature while providing the kids to work out the extra energy with a run along the shoreline or a swim in the ocean.
  2. Privacy: As many “Do Not Disturb” signs we may hang on your door knobs nothing compares to the privacy one enjoys in a rented beach house. It not only takes us away from the constant honking of cars and the pollution of the cities but also lets us enjoy the peace and calm offered by Mother Nature.
  3. Easy to plan trips: A lot of websites like provide amazing offers of beach houses with a number of rooms and bathrooms to allow one to enjoy their vacation or host a social gathering at a more affordable cost than a hotel room or a hotel auditorium.