The Features to Expect from Your Bedroom Solutions

Sleep depreciation is something becoming common today. Thanks to the immense competition and harsh realities of different individuals, they are unable to get good sleep and hence become sleep deprived. You would want to know that lack of sleep can cause serious health complications


In this post we will briefly discuss features which are normally found in adjustable beds.


Timer setting and alarm system

The Premier Series adjustable beds have the timer setting and alarm system which allows you to set the timer and alarm. It comes with an inbuilt alarm clock system that can be used either as audio or the massage system.

Child lock functionality

With the child lock functionality you know that your kids are safe when sleeping. Sometimes during sleep, your child might accidently press the button causing it to change settings. That issue is solved when you have used the default Passcode 4321. However, you can change the password.


However you should be able to remember the password of the child lock passcode because you may want to uninstall and reinstall the app. This adjustable base comes in several sizes including smaller queen size mattress, big king size mattress, and the standard full size mattress. When you can fit beds of large sizes, then you can consider using the Prodigy bed base that comes in several options like XL Twin mattress, Full mattress, the Split California King mattress, Twin mattress, Split Queen mattress, Split King mattress, Queen mattress, and XL Full mattress.


This is when you will want to consider spending time on a reliable site which can provide you with immense information about different kinds of adjustable beds and their features. Knowing what you are going to get for your money is essential because you should beware of the dimensions and other factors that will influence your purchase of the bed.