Why to Switch for Tankless Water Heater

Everyone groom themselves before going to office, school, party, formal meetings and a hot date. Everyone wants to have feeling of a good looking, cool and handsome guy. The first step in the process of getting dressed up to look stylish is to take a shower. But imagine, if someone is in hurry and has to wait for half to one hour to get a hot shower or the feeling of getting a cold shower in the middle of a hot one; whole mode get spoiled. Here, the need of switching from storage water heater to tankless water heater arises.

Tankless water heater as the name suggests doesn’t have storage tank and provide continuous hot water supply instantaneously. They are also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heater.

Comparison of Storage water heater and Tankless water heater

Storage water heater are the conventional water heater which ruled the market for a large period of time. The water in these tanks are stored and heated in an insulated tank either through gas burner or by electric heating element. They can store certain fixed amount of water and give batch wise output. They are less energy efficient as compared to tankless water heater.



Tankless water heater gained popularity in last ten years. They heat water instantaneously ruling out the need for storage tanks. The tanks are compact and can be installed near the point of use like at the sink, bathroom etc.

Advantages of Tankless water heater and some Best Tankless water heater brand

However, the Tankless water heater are somewhat expensive than the storage tank, but due to their advantages, one may not hesitate to pay some extra bucks for them. The tankless water heater are energy efficient, compact, saves money and improves values.

Bosch, Bradford white, Ecosmart, Rheem, Ecotemp, Takagi, Noritz are some of the brands which provide one of the Best Tankless water heater. Ecosmart Eco 18 Electric Tankless water heater and Ecosmart Eco 27 electric Tankless water heater are some of the best Tankless Hot Water Heater.